Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I'm going back to college today, after a week of staying home. I still feel a little sick, but I hope I will manage it. I should be able to make it, I only have 2 hours of philosophy, then 2 hours of English, from 4 to 8pm. This schedule is kinda annoying me, cause I stay in bed alll day, and I leave the house when everybody is coming back from school. Anyways, I'll make it through.

The thing with my stomach is that when I sit, my stomach hurts, and when I lay down, my throat hurts, I should stay standing up the whole time.. but that's not gonna be possible in class. I also have to go buy my books, cause I need them. Then I'll have to copy everything I missed last week. I missed 2 hours of "Occidental societies history", 2 hours of Spanish, 2 hours of English Lit, and 2 hours of English exercises. Blah.

I have "Totally Fucked" from Spring Awakening stuck in my head, I love the blah blah blah part. :) I've been obsessing over Lea Michele and Jon Groff this weekend (as you see) and it just made me want to pack my bags and go to London to go see musicals. Of course, if I could to New York in a snap, it'd be great too. I want to go see Deathtrap and then meet Jon Groff, that'd be great.

I've also been watching Heroes since last Thursday, I finished watching season 3 on Dvd and now I'm watching season 4. I love it, it is soo exciting. And I forgot how much I loved Milo Ventimiglia. I used to be obsessed with him, especially when him & Alexis Bledel were together, then it kinda faded out, but now that I've been watching the show again.. aaaah. He is absolutely gorgeous, I love him. It also reminded me of Fired Up so I watched it, and oh my, Nicholas d'Agosto is amazingly beautiful, his smile makes me melt.

Oh and while I'm at it, let's talk about all these artists that make me melt: so we already have Nicholas d'Agosto, Milo Ventimiglia, Jonathan Groff. And Brendon Urie, of course, he's my man, he is the beautifulest ever, and I miss Panic these days, they need to come up with new stuff. I heard they'll be in Germany on December 5th, but that's too far from me. Anyways, we have Matt Lanter, I am disappointed in 90210's episode this week, we practically don't see any Liam at all, and he is gorgeous. I also can't wait for Vampires suck to come out in Belgium (10/6), he's beautiful. Who else? Well, I stole all my sister's 4400 dvds, cause I miss Patrick Flueger. Chace Crawford, oh my, he is the definition of perfectly beautiful, I just watched the new Gossip Girl, I love him. Penn Badgley is also perfect. Oh, and in Glee, Mark Salling and Matthew Morrison are two sexy men, Cory Monteith too. And Kevin McHale too. Ooh, I almost forgot Jim Sturgess from 21 and Across the Universe, oh my. And also Guillaume Canet, he's one sexy French man, he makes me melt a lot! And James Marsden, aaah! And Dominic Cooper too. And Adam Brody, and Ben McKenzie. And Liam Hemsworth. And Dustin Milligan. And Taylor Lautner is pretty, not because he's a werewolf.

That's certainly not it, but that's all I can think about right now. I like boys, haha.

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