Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sometimes, I'm mad.

Like really mad. I am not this time, but I could be. So many things are getting on my nerves, and I cry for the tiniest things, just because I can't handle it no more. I went to my university on Friday, and all I did was listen to a boring lecture, not even interesting, then stand in a line for over 2 and a half hours. Well, I got to eat lunch with some friends, and laugh about my schedule with other students, but that's all. I was practically breaking down standing in the line, because they are so unorganized. You have to stand in a line for an hour, then you explain your problem to a lady and she gives you a numer. Then, you have to wait 2 hours to finally meet somebody who will possibly be able to help you. The numers go by so slow you wonder how it is that it only takes 3 minutes when it's your turn. At the end, I got what I needed, but still.

Then you have people that just get on your nerves because.. well, they do. I am not a organization-freak, but I like to know what I'm doing, and when I'm doing it. And other people just don't. They can't tell me when we'll see each other unless it's the night before, and they can't forward a message to me just to tell me where I'll have to go. It gets on my. last. nerve.

So tomorrow I'll really start college, at noon, until 7:30pm! And I finish at 7:30pm three nights a week! What is THAT for a schedule? I'm happy cause I don't have class on Wednesday, and I only have one class on Friday, but it's still kinda annoying to have classes that late. Anyways, I'll see tomorrow.

I can't wait to meet new people. Really. It'd be a fresh new breeze.

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