Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh, creativity.

I just like writing. I really do. And I like listening to music, but both at the same time is not that great. I mean I do it all the time when I'm studying, or looking at stuff, or doing whatever. But when I write, it kinda blocks my creativity. Right now, I'm not listening to anything.. probably because it's 9am and I just woke up. So we'll see how that goes, without music. But again, it's 9am, I'm really tired.

I don't really know how to let my creativity explode in one post. I'm good at writing stories that take a long time to write. I usually have a beginning, and the end, but I can never figure out what to put in between.. because, I mean, I can't have only three chapters, I need to fill the story with 'useless' things. But these useless things are hard to come up with, which is weird because I spend my time saying useless things. I just have a big whole in my creativity.

Everybody is always telling me that I'm SOOO creative and stuff.. but not that much. I mean, yes, I have ideas for stories and stuff like that, but it sometimes comes to me in like months. I just remembered I had a great story to write, I got the idea about a month ago, but now I can't remember anything. It sucks.

Well, yesterday my Mississippi State dawgs lost. But I learned that #86 is my buddy Michael Carr so I'm proud of him.. and thinking that he doesn't even like football, he likes basketball better. Haha, I love him. He's my brother. :)

Yesterday, I went to see a French stand-up comedian, it was great. I needed a good laugh, and that did it for me. And, I saw my best friend, which is a plus. I still have to tell her everything that's going on.

In exactly one week, is the Freshmen Welcoming Day at my University, and I'm going to meet all the other new students. I hope I can find people I know really quickly, I don't want to be all alone. But I guess it'll be fine, I'll meet a whole bunch of new people.

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