Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poor, poor, Mr. Pushover.

I feel like an urgent need to write. A story, a blog, whichever. I read the beginning of a story I wrote about a year ago, and it made me want to write the rest of it, but it was such a weird story, about something special, that I could not write the end. But I liked the way I wrote it so much, that it made me want to continue.

And I'm also dying to make a 'magazine' because I love design, and I want to make my own pretty magazine, but I had just started and I made myself think that I would not be able to do it, and it'd be awful. So I stopped.

I've been watching Gossip Girl for a week, and I'm finally done with the 3rd season, I can't wait for the fourth one. And now, I'm watching the fourth season of Coeur Océan, the ONLY French serie I like to watch.

Anyways, I should get started on something, like learn the theory part to get my license. But I'm just way too lazy.

This weekend was so amazing, I can barely say why. I was with so many people that understood me and that also spent a year abroad. We were all in the same package and we all told our stories. It was so great, I loved it. And just for that, I'll be a 'volontaire AFS' because I love them so much. I wish I was with AFS, and not PIE, last year. But what's done is done. And now is a new beginning.

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